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10 January 2006

About Clark Quinn

Clark @ 5:03 PM

Learnlets is a blog capturing Clark Quinn’s learnings about learning, and serves as the official Quinnovation blog. I’m an independent consultant making companies smarter by improving their organizational learning experience design processes and infrastructure, e.g. their strategy.  I’ve a Ph.D. in applied cognitive science, and my interests are at the intersection of learning, organizational strategy, technology, design, and wisdom.

Many years ago now, in the early days of the internet, I responded to a request for predictions about the future of computing, and I wrote (and I paraphrase, I can’t find it now) “in the future there will be lots of little interactive and engaging applications that will teach you anything you need to know, including how to make little interactive and engaging applications”. The requester liked my suggestion, and it was included in the published collection (now if I could only remember who, where, and when). Those little interactive and engaging applications are learnlets.

BTW, I think that there’s an incredible opportunity in marketing for such learnlets (marketing is really customer education), and if you’d like to talk about it, feel free to contact me.

Of course, for the purposes here, the learnlets are my learnings about learning (and, occasionally, about life, the universe, and everything).

I work through Quinnovation, am the author of Engaging Learning: Designing e-Learning Simulation Games, Designing mLearning: Tapping Into the Mobile Revolution for Organizational Performance, The Mobile Academy: mLearning for Higher Education, and Revolutionize Learning & Development: Performance and Innovation Strategy for the Information Age, am Senior Director of Interaction & Mobile for the Internet Time Alliance, and speak and publish regularly in the usual places and some relatively unusual.

I have worked with new media for learning for over 30 years now in a variety of roles focusing on the design of innovative and yet pragmatic solutions. I’ve been an academic teaching interaction design while researching learning technology design, held several senior management positions in the elearning space, and now consult to organizations on learning technology strategy.  Learning technology is my passion (I like helping people, and I like doing it through technology since I like toys), and I’d be doing it even if I were independently wealthy (and you’re welcome to make that happen).



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