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4 November 2015

Laura Overton #LearnTech2015 Keynote Mindmap

Clark @ 1:29 am

Yes, I just did her plenary at Learning@Work, but there were some differences in emphasis.  A nice overview again of what successful organizations are doing differently.

Charles Jennings #LearnTech2015 Keynote Mindmap

Clark @ 12:50 am

Charles, in an engaging story, set the changes in work and the world as a basis for the 70:20:10 framework as a way to think about supporting learning going forward.  He elaborated the elements and the value to be uncovered via examples.

3 November 2015

Ho Mee Yin #LearnTech Keynote Mindmap

Clark @ 6:53 pm

LTC Ho Mee Yin told the mstory of rethinking the learning design for the Singapore Armed Forces.  She talked about some new frameworks that helped move to a more enlightened learning design that was more activity-centric, and a performance support tool for instructors.

Gary Stager #LearnTech2015 Keynote Mindmap

Clark @ 1:39 am

Gary presented a passionate and compelling argument for the value of using the maker movement as a vehicle for education reform.

Abhijit Bhaduri #LearnTech2015 Keynote Mindmap

Clark @ 12:45 am

Abhijit used an unusual presentation deck of 2 sketch notes to present his very interesting thoughts and examples of living in perpetual beta, concluding that if L&D changes, it could be a catalyst for change.  A message very synergistic with the Revolution ;).

2 November 2015

Donald Taylor #LearnTech2015 Keynote Mindmap

Clark @ 7:36 pm

Don followed up Roger (and graciously adapted his presentation to fit into a considerably shortened time slot).  He made a clear and engaging argument about how things are changing and how a new mindset was needed.

Roger Schank #learntech2015 Keynote Mindmap

Clark @ 7:29 pm

Roger gave his passioned, opinionated, irreverent, and spot-on talk to kick off LearnTechAsia. He covered the promise (or not) of AI, learning, stories, and the implications for education.

26 October 2015

Laura Overton #learnatworkau Plenary Mindmap

Clark @ 5:00 pm

Laura used Towards Maturity data to provide insight into how leading L&D organizations are making their way.

David Mallon #learnatworkau Plenary Mindmap

Clark @ 4:54 pm

David Mallon kicked off the HR Tech X conf with a clear call for HR to be bold.

2 October 2015

Natalie Panek #DevLearn Keynote Mindmap

Clark @ 12:11 pm

To close off the DevLearn conference, Natalie Panek (@nmpanek) told of her learning journey to be a space engineer with compelling stories of challenging experiences.  With an authentic and engaging style, she helped inspire us to keep learning.

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