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24 January 2006

Emotional Trajectory…

Clark @ 2:44 PM

I was talking about learning games a year or so ago, and mentioned a concept that’s slowly been percolating since. The idea was based upon the notion that we don’t design content, we design experiences, and therefore it could be useful to think of a learner’s emotional trajectory through the experience.

In words I described it as “wry recognition (of the necessity), followed by some slightly apprehensive anticipation, which would segue to growing confidence and finally a feeling of growth and then closure.

I’ve take my first stab at capturing it:

Emotional Trajectory

The notion is that, as you progress, your confidence should increase and your anxiety decrease, while motivation develops for the learning from the beginning, and then is maintained until the end. Your feedback solicited.


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  2. A colleague passed this message:

    Came across a link today on the digital native/digital immigrant (http://clips.lis.uiuc.edu/2006_03.htm) that reminded me your comment is somewhat related to Kuhlthau’s Information Search Process (ISP) model, developed in 1991. [Should have thought of it sooner since I teach the thing! :-) ]
    Seems there are implications here that tie to your comment and learning games although the focus is library jass.
    Re: your model — am not sure I agree that motivation has to decrease unless applied to task accomplishment rather than interest.
    Shows model in table format: tasks, thought, feelings, actions, strategy
    Information search challenges for designers

    And it seemed to me that this is indeed a link worth pursuing. I’d also talked about the experience I hoped for (initial apprehension, wry recognition, etc), but decided to see if I could capture it in a graphic (my personal learning approach).

    Comment by Clark — 17 March 2006 @ 4:14 PM

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