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30 June 2007

iPhone it in…

Clark @ 8:34 AM

 Am I missing something?

With all the hype around the iPhone, I had a couple of points of concern: things I do with my Treo that I’d sorely miss. These included Dial Up Networking (using my phone as a modem for my laptop, though Sprint shut that off, grumble, mumble), using my phone as a presentation controller (Salling Clicker), and a timer. Well, at least the timer apparently exists, and the DUN definitely does not.  Still, I might be able to cope.

And there were some other concerns, not deal breakers either, but the fact that the web browser, Safari, wouldn’t handle Flash and some limits around Javascript, yet that’s the only way anyone can add capability (another concern, 3rd party development is closed off, at least for now). And no clear information whether Keychain, the Mac’s great way to handle security, would be used on the iPhone or whether you’d have to remember passwords to all the sites.  Yet it’s still worth considering.

On the other hand, I wasn’t worried about the touchscreen keyboard, EDGE network slowness, few buttons, or even too many clicks to get to the phone, things others have been concerned about.

However, there’s an issue that no one seems to be talking about, except one sentence from Walt Mossberg: “There’s also no way to cut, copy, or paste text.” WHAT? Why isn’t anyone talking about this? I’m always scraping this from here and pasting it there, passing on quotes, rearranging sentences and paragraphs, etc.

Ok, it’s been mentioned that it’s an updatable software platform, so they could fix that later, though it seems like a) a mighty big elephant in the room that no one’s seeing and b) something that might require an innovative solution (hey, that’s what I do, they should call me ;). I just can’t understand the lack of concern!

Naturally, I haven’t decided whether to get one yet, or instead to upgrade my Treo (it’s got the slowest data capability). So, maybe I’ll hang in limbo a bit longer.

I have to admit that I’ve been frustrated with the Treo, too, that I can’t use the keyboard to select text (there’s an easy interface affordance that would be consistent with other experiences) and have to use the stylus, but not even being able to  select, cut or copy, and paste strikes me as a major interface blind spot. Again, am I missing something?


  1. I’m tired of hearing about how great and wonderful Apple/Mac is! Five years in graphic design did me in. Apple sucked then and it sucks bigger now! Apple screws it’s users right and left and yet the hype suggests that they basically created life, the universe and EVERYTHING and they are the solution for warts, all mysteries and maladies of the kidney. Guess what people! It ain’t so. Their “big brother” ad of 1984 DID come true, only the face on the board is Steve Jobs! Not anything to do with “IBM” as they Apple brainwashed insist on calling PC’s (Windows hasn’t had anything to do with IBM/DOS for YEARS!)
    Zune is an excellent product. I’d buy a cylinder player before I’d get ANYTHING from Apple.

    Comment by Betsy M — 25 October 2007 @ 5:40 PM

  2. Wow, so there’s the other side. Then you really,/> won’t like my newest post :). You’re right that not everything’s perfect from Apple, my Performa 6200 was pretty much a turkey, but I’ve loved my PowerBook/MacBook/and now Pro, and our iMacs. I haven’t felt screwed by them much at all, though I can see why anyone who bought an iPhone right away might have a problem. So I’m not saying they’re perfect by any means, but rather they’re the best of the lot.

    And, as others have pointed out, I wonder what happens when Steve retires. It’s really his vision driving the thing…see what happened when Sculley ran the ship! Maybe that’s when you got burned?

    Hope this helped you feel better.

    Comment by Clark — 26 October 2007 @ 7:04 AM

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