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18 August 2007

Mobile report released…

Clark @ 6:35 AM

The eLearning Guild’s just released their Mobile Learning report (disclaimer: I’m one of the authors). They’re really cranking out an impressive suite of elearning research reports, and in addition to the articles by the chosen authors (a who’s who, present company excepted), which include case studies and resources, there’s the ability to access data collected from and regularly updated by the eLearning Guild’s membership (typically covering over a 1000 respondents with representation across industries, sectors, and nations).

You can download the abstract from the link at the bottom. The report and access is not free, but if you’re in the mobile learning business, or looking to take advantage of the powerful learning opportunity mobile learning provides, I do want to encourage you to see if it’s for you. And I get nothing based upon how well it sells, so I have no vested interest in encouraging this other than that I know Steve Wexler, their director of research, puts great effort into making sure that the reports are as good a piece of work as can be done. Check it out!

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