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29 November 2007

Mobile moves on…

Clark @ 11:15 AM

Well, Brent Schenkler beat me to it, passing on the announcement that Verizon’s opening up their network (it’s hard to post from a plane, and I’ve been on a lot of planes this month). This seems a reaction to the Open Handset Alliance announced by Google earlier this month (in the middle of our Mobile Learning Symposium). Regardless, it’s a positive move, I reckon.

It reminds me on the Bart back from the airport late last nite that I assisted a gent trying to get to a particular station. Using my Bart schedule application on my Treo, I could tell him when the next train would arrive. And how I used Google Maps in New Jersey earlier this week to guide me from the airport to my hotel in my rented car. Just ways I use my device to make me smarter and more effective.

I use Opera’s mobile browser (very good, almost iPhone good) in addition to Maps and Bart, as well as a timer (4 minutes for tea, thank you). I probably use the built-in email (Versamail) more than the phone! I use Documents to Go to review Powerpoints I’ll be presenting, and occasionally to view a document I download. Unfortunately, PDFs don’t work (I’ve an older version) since they need special rendering. I’ve got an app (SplashID) to keep my data encrypted (web logins, etc), and one that lets me keep images (my diagrams, some work portfolio shots) to share with people when working.

Google’s coming up with a new beta called My Location that uses cell-phone triangulation to actually replace a GPS (though with less accuracy), but it doesn’t yet run on my Treo. Sigh. Hopefully soon.

What do you use on your mobile device to make you more effective?


  1. Hi Clark! The announcements seem to keep coming. I think 08 is going to see some amazing changing in wireless.
    What do I use? Well, I love my iPhone despite some idiots that work in some of the AT&T stores. I love how my google maps integrates with my contacts. Safari integrates as well which is nice. I’m really looking forward to a QR reader. I love the idea of that technology.

    Comment by Brent Schlenker — 3 December 2007 @ 9:27 AM

  2. Brent, I think you’re right that the mobile announcements will keep on coming, and the landscape will change immensely.

    I know you love your iPhone, and I still lust after one, but also still think it’s not yet ready for prime-time (how can they add notes and ToDos to the new OS, and still not sync it with the phone?). Now that they’ve announced the 3G version next year, I’ll have to see what I can do ’til then. Sprint’s certainly not trying to keep me loyal, based upon my visit to the store today. That new announcement about Google Mobile was awesome (triangulating off phone towers), and it points out how sadly out of date Palm is (their OS won’t support it).

    As usual, you out-geek me, as I had to look up QR Reader. An interesting technology that gives an easy way to do context-sensitive data. Still more context-sensitivity is possible.

    After watching games move from ’emerging’ to mainstream, I think we’re seeing the same thing with mobile. At DevLearn it really felt like we’d reached the point past the top of the hill and it’s downhill from here. I think we’ve an interesting ride ahead, my friend.

    Comment by Clark — 3 December 2007 @ 6:38 PM

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