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16 June 2008


Clark @ 10:52 AM

I now get an occasional request from some educational organization or initiative, where they tell me about something or point me to it, and then suggest (or request) that I blog it. I generally don’t. I also get offers to link to someone educational, and they’ll return the favor. I haven’t done this, ever.

Why? First, because this site isn’t about creating a money stream (at least, not directly). This blog is about my personal learnings about learning, so unless there’s something I think is interesting or illuminating, I have nothing to communicate. It may keep this blog more ‘esoteric’, but that’s what I believe is the value proposition.

It’s also, to be perfectly honest, a way to let you know my thinking in case it’s of interest to you personally or professionally, and in the later case it’s inherently a form of marketing, but marketing for me, my thinking, and my capabilities. I haven’t thought about monetizing it, in that I haven’t considered putting ads on (not even sure how I’d do that ;).

It does mean that unfortunately there are times when I’m a little slow to keep posting, like when I’m on the road, busy, or on vacation, but that’s the tradeoff. No promises that things won’t change, but I do intend that any changes will be to make a more interesting and informative experience.  That work for you, or do you have some other suggestions?


  1. Clark, please stay the way you are. I enjoy reading YOUR blog (faithfully) because I can easily identify with your perspective.
    If you start marketing I’ll stop reading as I don’t want to have to skip around an article to get past the “plugs”.
    Be true to yourself and your readers.
    And, much thanks for all the blogs! -Stephanie

    Comment by Stephanie F — 17 June 2008 @ 8:07 AM

  2. Stephanie, thanks for your comments; music to my ears. Rest assured, I would never do ads in the midst of the prose. Yuck!

    Comment by Clark — 17 June 2008 @ 4:36 PM

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