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11 June 2008

Work Literacy

Clark @ 8:37 AM

Tony Karrer, one of our top bloggers/thinkers on elearning, pointed me to WorkLiteracy a few weeks ago, and I’m really excited about the idea, though have yet to have time to really dig in (was in Boston two weeks ago, NJ and LA last week, and several big projects right now; my apologies for the lack of posting). It’s about identifying and developing the skills of the knowledge worker, tapping into the social network.

Naturally I’m quite excited by all this, as it taps into two of my key memes: meta-learning (or learning to learn), and 21st Century Skills. It’s all about helping people learn to be more effective (meta-learning), and focusing on the skill-set for the future (21st Century Skills).

I’m thrilled to see this emerging here, as well as the movements I’m seeing in other places as the recognition grows that the skills of the past aren’t going to carry us into the coming years. We’re seeing it come from corporate groups thinking about the skill sets they need, futurists looking at trends, and now people at the coal face coping with their own roles and thinking about the longer term implications and broader concerns for society (a wise perspective, to be sure).

So, I fully intend to participate, but there’re already a good group of folks, and it’s too important not to get you started. Check it out!


  1. Clark – on the same topic as workliteracy and 21st century skills – you might like to take a look at my book “Bit Literacy”, which proposes some very basic, very important skills that everyone should know (but to date very few have learned). It’s at http://bitliteracy.com – hope it helps.


    Comment by Mark Hurst — 18 June 2008 @ 8:23 AM

  2. Mark, you’ve gotten some great testimonials there; looks like a lot of people might find your book useful. Good luck with it!

    Comment by Clark — 25 June 2008 @ 11:48 AM

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