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26 October 2009

Mobile Learning

Clark @ 8:01 AM

In addition to speaking on mobile design with David Metcal at the Mobile Learning Jam at DevLearn, and with Richard Clark on pragmatic mobile development, I’ve got a contract with Pfeiffer for a mobile learning book.  Yep, I’m writing another book.  Flat learning curve, eh?

Seriously, I’m excited about the opportunity, because I’ve been on the stump for mobile for years, and think the market is right for mobile to finally contribute to organizational performance like I’ve believed since I wrote an article on the topic back in 2001.  Consequently, I’m glad that Pfeiffer thinks the time is right for a practical book on the subject.

To make it a practical book, however, I need input. I hope to talk to some of the experts in the field, but I also want to hear from you. What do you think should be covered? What are your concerns?  What are your hot-button issues?  In short, what would be required to make the mlearning book for those of you charged with designing learning solutions?  I don’t want to write a book for the sake of writing a book, I want to provide a useful guide.  Please, let me know.  Comments here are welcome, or other forms of contact, are welcome as well.  Thanks!


  1. Promise substantive helpers a copy of the book, and you’ll get more recruits. Pfeiffer can afford it.

    Comment by Jay Cross — 26 October 2009 @ 11:32 AM

  2. Hi Clark,

    Here’s a list of some questions I have.

    I would like to know how feasibility of mobile learning solutions – for the client and for the learner.
    Does the client need different platform/applications to host it?
    Do learners need specific gadgets to view mlearning courses?
    When and why should an ID recommend mlearning as a solution to clients?
    Does mlearning support all types of ID strategies – scenario-based, simulation etc.
    Do IDs need to work any restrictions when designing mlearning – limited word count, limited use of graphics?


    Comment by Kanchan Shine — 27 October 2009 @ 2:36 AM

  3. I don’t know how you are defining “mobile learning”, but if it includes searchable, Web-based, internal wikis, then I would contact Sean Murray at RealTime Performance. They are developing proprietary wikis for management/leadership learning that can be accessed by any device that can connect to the Web.

    Comment by Stephen J. Gill — 27 October 2009 @ 5:35 AM

  4. Hi Clark,

    I’d love to chat with you about mobile learning questions, concerns, etc. Perhaps we can catch up at DevLearn? If not, maybe we can schedule a call for the week after…


    Comment by B.J. Schone — 5 November 2009 @ 9:56 PM

  5. Kanchan, thanks for the thorough list! Much appreciated.

    Stephen, thanks for the pointer. Wikis are key to social learning, and ubiquitous access would be quite valuable.

    BJ, hope to connect at DevLearn.

    Comment by Clark — 8 November 2009 @ 6:11 PM

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