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31 December 2010

Update: Designing mLearning

Clark @ 6:00 AM

Well, it’s been a bit of a saga, but there are some new developments about my forthcoming: Designing mLearning: Tapping Into the Mobile Revolution for Organizational Performance. It’s the usual good news/bad news scenario, but only mildly.

First, for the bad news.  The book, which I’d been told would be available “around” January, will be available around January, if you agree that February counts.  The book, I’m now assured, will ship on 2 February.  I’m glad to have a firm date, and the only real problem with 2 Feb is that it makes a dodgy proposition of having the book available for the very good TechKnowledge conference (where I’m presenting a mobile learning workshop on 1 February).  Though, of course, you’ll be able to order the book (and you can preorder now).

The good news is I’ve finally got a downloadable PDF sample of the book, including what I think is a clever cover design (caveat, my idea :), the ‘about the book’ section, Ellen Wagner‘s gracious foreword, and the short section introduction and first chapter.  It tells the story of what the book’s about and why it should be of interest to the target audience (which hopefully includes you).

I’ll also be giving some webinars to promote the book to a variety of audiences, including the always great eLearning Guild, ASTD, and Training Industry Quarterly.  Stay tuned to your usual channels, which includes the Quinnovation News page (which always points to what I’m up to).

For my sins, of course, it appears there’s more mobile writing in my near future, which will likely impact my blogging a bit, but as always I’ll try to keep a balance.  At least the travel’s done and holidays are essentially past.  Hope your holidays have been good so far!


  1. Hi Clark,

    I’m really looking forward to receiving your upcoming book (all 4 copies I preordered) – I ordered several to give to key staff here and will likely get several more though we’d love some signed copies! BTW, Amazon still suggests delivery “late in February” but I’m hopeful to see them closer to the first part of the month. Looking forward to staying better connected in 2011 and I am blogging again with greater frequency these days on mlearning with the intent to change my focus/voice to cover more of what’s happening out there in enterprise mobile learning wherever I find/experiment/read about it instead of just focusing on what we’ve been up to. As you state in your Overview (included in the PDF sample), “mLearning is big already, and is growing bigger at a rapid pace. The time to be thinking mLearning is now!” – that means there will be much to cover and consider this coming year as groups of all sizes start to leverage the knowledge you’ve packaged for them in your new book.

    Best regards…Robert ;)

    Comment by Robert Gadd — 2 January 2011 @ 4:26 PM

  2. Robert, many thanks for the orders (you should get at least one for your participation); I hope you find the book is worthy. Happy to sign any copies, of course. They’ll begin shipping 2 Feb, but “The late February date shown on Amazon accounts for shipping time from our warehouse to theirs, and processing time for the inventory to become salable from their end.” I look forward to your new posts, and will have to list your blog on the resources site.

    Comment by Clark — 3 January 2011 @ 7:18 AM

  3. Clark, I’m looking forward to your new book! Will it be available exclusively through Amazon? I’m curious about e-reader availability.

    Comment by Jason Haag — 3 January 2011 @ 10:17 AM

  4. Jason, it’s not exclusive to Amazon by any means; Pfeiffer likes to have lots of distribution channels. There *will* be an ebook version, at least for Kindle. Apparently there hasn’t been much demand *as yet* for Nook or iBooks. I’ve now formally requested, through each of the sites, that they carry it. You can do so for your preferred format.

    Comment by Clark — 3 January 2011 @ 12:11 PM

  5. Clark, I am so looking forward to your book! I admire your strength and persistence to translate technical and complex learning innovations into comprehensible literature.

    Comment by ignatia/Inge de Waard — 4 January 2011 @ 12:02 AM

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