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13 March 2012

Martin Weller #EDGEX2012 Mindmap

Clark @ 11:27 PM

Martin Weller talked about digital scholarship.



  1. These are very valuable summaries – Thank you for building them. Helps remember the presentation at a glance.

    Comment by Jim Stauffer — 13 March 2012 @ 11:33 PM

  2. Clark Quinn: Thank you for posting Martin Weller’s content map (aka “mind map”). Note that it is a map of content, FROM but not OF the mind.
    Martin Weller: Interesting and thought-provoking map of your presentation. Useful overview of your thinking.
    All Hands: Martin’s “digital scholarship” seems close kin to Sui Fai John Mak’s “digital pedagogy: … Establishes a way of learning and working in a digital world” (from S.F.J. Mak’s blog URL — removed by blog overseers), 1/19/2012.
    Pleased to learn more from those who have time to compare the two and perhaps improve the concepts. Combined content map anyone?
    Sui Fai John: Question — Does your concept serve only young children (as does “pedagogy’) or also older learners too?
    If “good for all” (which seems to me to be the case), then how about” “Digital androgyny: Learning resources and processes for adults.”
    As children, even in early elementary grades, become more web-savvy, texting and tweeting at growing rates, the spread of learning resources enhanced by the web increases in range and speed.
    The growing use of project management also moves children’s “learning work” closer to the content and process of the “knowledge work” that all will seek in our networked, global, information society.

    Comment by Dick Webster — 19 March 2012 @ 2:00 PM

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