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5 August 2014

Learning Experience (LX) Drinking Game

Clark @ 8:07 AM

Having found a fun site of bad UX design, someone else followed me who had the UX Drinking Game site.  And it made me think maybe we need an LX Drinking Game.  So I started tweeting out some drinking game rules. I encourage you to join in with the hashtag #LXDrinkingGame.

So, my first list of ‘drink’ cues is:

if they ask for a pre-test/post-test design

if the alternatives to the right answer are so silly or obvious that you don’t need to know anything

if the course objectives are ‘know’ or ‘understand’

if someone says ‘use a click to see more’

if someone says, use an avatar because people like it

if someone comes in and says “we need a course for this”

if someone dumps PDFs and/or PPTs on you and expects a course in a few days

if all they’re measuring is cost/time/seat

So, what other rules do we need?  Tweets (again, #LXDrinkingGame) or comments welcome ;).


  1. If there is a screen of bulleted learning objectives, drink.

    If reviewers complain that your non-linear course is too difficult to review, drink.

    Every time someone uses the word “gamification,” drink.

    Comment by Erich — 6 August 2014 @ 6:17 AM

  2. If the reference material turns out to be useless after the course…drink the same amount than you had during the course.

    Comment by R. Klaase — 9 August 2014 @ 5:37 AM

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