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17 November 2016

Tony DeRose #DevLearn Keynote Mindmap

Clark @ 9:41 AM

Tony DeRose opened the second day of DevLearn with a geeky (and intriguing) presentation on the links between math and story in making animation.  With clips and anecdotes he showed how it works, and inspired about how they’re connecting this to STEM.

Tony DeRosa Keynote Mindmap


  1. Thanks for sharing! Couldn’t make it to DevLearn this year. I guess one could wrap animation around a Math lesson– we need more creative methods to teach STEM. Once in a while I peak into a Math lecture at Mission College– the same old rows and columns of bored students as when we were undergrads.

    Comment by Curtis Pembrook — 17 November 2016 @ 6:20 PM

  2. Curtis, agree. We neither help learners understand how math play a role in real life or give them meaningful problems to solve. For instance, when teaching geometry, help learners understand that it has uses, e.g. in motion animation. Or, perhaps wrap math around animation: e.g. challenges to figure out how to successfully animate various characters in various ways, or to smooth shapes perhaps to introduce integration, etc. Thanks for the comments.

    Comment by Clark — 18 November 2016 @ 6:30 AM

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