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28 December 2017

The Quinnov 8: An online course

Clark @ 8:03 AM

Ok, so I told you the story of the video course I was creating on what I call the Quinnov 8, and now I’ll point to it.  It’s available through Udemy, and I’ve tried to keep the price low.  With their usual discounts, it should be darn near free ;).  Certainly no more than a few cups of coffee.

It’s about an hour of video of me talking, with a few diagrams and text placeholders.  I’ve included quizzes for each of the content sections. Also, I have assignments to go away and apply the principles to your own work.  Finally, I created a page or several for each section showing some ideas, models, and more.

I do not recommend going through it in one run. I can’t control it, but as I mention in the course, you want to space it out. We know that that leads to better outcomes. Instead, I recommend spacing it out a section a week or so perhaps, and doing the work and coming back to reactivate before moving on.

The content is organized around what I’m terming the Quinnov 8, the eight elements I think are core to making the step to better elearning design.  While the ideal is to push to a robust iterative and prototyping model, I’m focusing mostly on the small steps that will give you the greatest leverage. The elements are:

  1. Performance consulting: what to do before you decide to course
  2. Objectives: making the right decisions about what to focus on
  3. SMEs: working with them for objectives and more
  4. Practice: making practice meaningful
  5. Models: the conceptual frameworks that guide performance
  6. Examples: the link between concepts and application.
  7. Engagement: wrapping the front and back to create experiences
  8. Process: the extra steps to make this work

I’m trying to go deep, that is to unpack the levels of cognitive depth to explain how the Quinnov 8 elements work.  I’ve identified the challenges I’ve faced, and I may well update it over time, but it’s at a stage I think I can at least give you the chance to explore.  I welcome your feedback, but I reckon this is one way you can further your understanding on a significant budget.

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